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Category: kids

The Novotny Family
October 9, 2013

 The Novotnys – such a beautiful family! the colors outside were almost as bright as this incredibly-styled crew. I loved having the chance to capture a few of their moments on such a...

Alice and Fletcher
August 11, 2013

 Alice and Fletcher are growing up so fast! It seems like Alice should be her brother's age, but instead she is going on 16. This girl has some spunk - never a dull moment. She makes...

The Faircloth Family
July 30, 2013

I truly love this family. They are genuine, fun, and strong in their faith – such an inspiration! Little Miss E is smart, adventurous, determined and has the perfect timing with her humor (I...

the williams family
November 7, 2012

how cute is this family? very cute. kelsey and i went to the same high school (go bulldogs!), so we've known each other for many years. they were kind enough to let me tag along to center grov...

the faircloth family
October 10, 2012

i just love this family. nora and ryan are such great people, and little miss ellie is amazing. she is very funny and smart – hard to believe she is only...

henry & harper
March 5, 2012

Mr. Henry James turns 3 in a few days, and little Miss Harper Jane is already 9 months! Love these little kiddos!Look who's crawling!Like...

little miss harper
May 22, 2011

lots of family photos from harper's second was adorable to see emma with her little sister. she was so great with her!big sister emma and big brother...

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